Schools programme

The Museum has been running a schools programme for the last four years. There are currently two programmes available: Without Our Brain and Muscle takes place in Blackball and focuses on the power of collective action. The children are introduced to the life of a mining family around 1908, with boys and girls assuming traditional gender roles. The boys go to work in the mine while the girls prepare lunch. But it proves that the boys are not earning enough to support the family. What can they do? The programme is suitable for Year 6-8, an upper limit of 30 students and runs from 10.00 to 2.00pm at a cost of $3 per student.


Hard at work


Sorting out negotiations

The second programme Making Change investigates ethical choices. The first section involves the children in performing a role play about child labour (the script is given to the school beforehand so that a rehearsal can take place). Discussion centres on whether it is ethical for the family to sell their child into labour to save their small block of land. The discussion then moves to the issue of climate change and the economic choices we perhaps need to make. Internet access for research purposes is necessary, The programme takes place at the school and costs $1 per student plus petrol costs for the facilitator. Suitable for Years 6-8.

Making change brochure-page1

Enquiries about the schools programme to 732 4010.


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