Runanga/Blackball Mayday finalised


Blackball vs. Rûnanga community debate: West Coast Leadership Remains Hopeless
Blackball WMC, Blackball cbd
Free entry. Alcohol available 7.30pm
Sat30Apr>>>The Way Forward>>>
forum – supported by E tu, PSA, Dairy Workers Union, NZNO, NZEI, TEU and the Grey District Council Economic Development Unit.
Response to the current Coast economic crisis (an inevitable bust after the boom) has so far been led by management. The danger is that, as happened in the Global Financial Crisis, public funds will be used to prop up the economic culture that created the crisis. This May Day forum brings the unions (and the workers they represent) into the discussion.
DWC/Mines Rescue Centre
7 Mile Rd, Rapahoe. E-mail or to register.
$10 koha for lunch & refreshments 9.30am-4.30pm
Sat30Apr-Sun1MayWhat have the unions ever done for us?
installation on RMH Green McGowan St. Rûnanga.
Free 8am-8pm
Sun1 May Community day. Ride the Incline, Rûnanga–Rewanui Challenge
$10 per team for RMHT to restore Rûnanga Miners Hall
starts RMH Green. 10.00am Left Coast Big Bake-Off
for RMHT to restore Rûnanga Miners Hall opp.RMH Green McGowan St. Rûnanga.
$10 judging from 11.30am. Pop-up tea & Bake Shop
for RMHT to restore RûnangaMiners Hall opp.RMH Green McGowan St. Rûnanga. Poems in the Rainforestof comrades, coal & climate
Coal Creek Falls Walk
BallanceSt. Rûnunga
Free 10.15am-12pm

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