Mayday forum

The Way Forward
a forum on a sustainable economy for the Grey District and the wider Coast

The reasoning behind the forum: the response to the current Coast economic crisis (the inevitable bust after the boom) has so far been led by management. The danger is that, as happened in the Global Financial Crisis, public funds will be used to prop up the economic culture that created the crisis. This forum brings the unions (and the workers they represent) into the discussion.

The draft narrative for the forum:
• Union organisers/delegates report on feedback to question: what do workers want? E.g. a teacher: ‘Jobs for our families so they can stay here.’ 10.00-10.30am
• Response from politicians (MPs and mayors), council CEO’s, Kevin Stratful (Economic Development Manager), Te Runanga O Kati Waewae and Mawhera Incorporation. 10.30-11.30am
• Response from floor. 11.30-12.
• Lunch. 12 – 12.45pm
• Past mistakes e.g. no royalty fund from extraction, no retraining scheme, reactive culture, poor politicking e.g. native timber campaign, DWC’s role… provocation followed by discussion from floor 12.45- 1.15pm
• Macro factors – neoliberal monoculture 1.15 -1.45pm
• Sustainable models already here 1.45pm- 2.30pm.
• Afternoon tea 2.30pm-2.45pm
• New models(including co-operative model), new ventures (knowledge/creative economy) 2.45pm -3.30pm
• What is required right now in terms of achieving praxis; provocation followed by discussion 3.30 -4.00pm.

We are pleased that the forum is being hosted by the following unions: E tu, Dairy Workers, TEU, NZEI, NZNO, PSA and FIRST Union, together with the Blackball Museum, Runanga Miners Hall Trust and Runanga Area Association and the Grey District Council’s Economic Development Unit.

The forum will be held on Saturday April 30th, at the Mines Rescue Centre, entrance off the main road just north of Runanga township. There will be a $10 registration fee to cover catering costs. Registrations:

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