Pike commemoration a moving event

The fifth commemoration of the Pike disaster was a moving event.

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While there was anger at the government paring back the health and safety legislation, and anger at the failure to recover the bodies, there was knowledge that the families have achieved some change, with the health and safety act a big improvement especially in the mining area.

2015-05-22 17.03.09 Helen Kelly’s speech resonated as did the presence of two forestry worker wives.

2015-05-22 17.44.16-2Bernie Monk felt, that despite some dissension, the Pike Memorial Walk will provide a tribute to those lost and be great for Blackball and the region as a whole.

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Pike Commemoration

This year’s Pike Commemoration, the fifth anniversary of the disaster, will be a big event, with visitors from Australian unions, and with a large turnout from e Tu union. Helen Kelly will begin the ceremony and once again local choir, Waiata Koha will sing the song, Mine, based on the poem commissioned from Jeffrey Holman by the Pike families. Some forestry worker families will also be attending.

This commemoration is open to the public and takes place at The Blackball Museum starting at 5.45pm on Thursday 19th November.